Pumpkin spice everything nice


With the thanksgiving holiday right around the corner the craving for the sweet taste of pumpkin is here.

It’s not just about pumpkin pie anymore, here in the 21st century we have a variety of pumpkin flavored choices.

From pumpkin drinks, pastries, and milkshakes. The options sound delicious.

Options that I went out into the world of pumpkin, to find and review for you.

To begin I had the pumpkin blizzard from Dairy Queen. It was a mini which for $3.49.

This blizzard tasted like a cookie, and pumpkin ice cream all in one. It was extremely flavorful and definitely got me in the holiday spirit.

The largest selling point by far was its, it tasted like real pumpkin without any hindrance by other ingredients. This blizzard was definitely ten out of ten and I highly recommend.

If the changing weather has you at a need for something a bit warmer, there is an excellent option for that too.

The pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks may just be the right choice.

For those who are a fan of iced coffee you can still get it cold but again for chilly weather it may best to get it warm. I got a small warm latte for $4.81.

While you can still taste the pumpkin flavor, the cinnamon that was added detracted away a bit from the pure pumpkin taste. It was overwhelming, and on certain sips I got so much cinnamon that its grainy texture made my throat feel dry.

Overall, I give it an eight out of ten but if you’re a cinnamon lover you may think otherwise.

Lastly, I had a pumpkin spice milkshake from jack in the box. This concoction did not make it to my personal favorites list.

It met the standards of tasting like pumpkin, although it tasted more artificial to me. It was far too sweet, which took away from the authentic pumpkin flavor. I had a small for $3.98.

I give this milkshake a three out of ten, definitely not on the same level as the two priors.

Out of all the things the pumpkin pie blizzard might just be my favorite seasonal treat. It far exceeded my expectations and left me craving more.

Don’t forget to check out these pumpkin treats this season and find out which treat makes you get in the holiday spirit. As for my personal opinion, I think everyone can agree that pumpkin spice makes everything nice.