Fall dance season beginning November

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Fall dance season beginning November


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   With the fall season arriving the Moveo dance company and Advanced dance will be having their annual fall dance concert this November 29th and the 30th at 7 p.m in the auditorium, with a theme of “Good vibes only.” Senior Advance dancer Maddie Whitten states.

The theme ‘good vibes only’ being chosen because “At the time there was a lot of negativity going on in social media and in the world and we wanted to uplift people and remind people of the good.” Junior Moveo dance company dancer Madi Watson said.

This event is a campus phenomenon that continues to wow the audience each year and has the same expectations as previous years. All due to how the dancers have put in countless hours and days into their practices to perfect, run, and clean each routine in order to put on fantastic performances for all to witness. “The practices are somewhat stressful, we clean our dances beginning to end then run them multiple times.” Watson says.

After running and practicing the dances the rehearsals “Can run anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours.” Watson adds.

But despite the long practice times, the bond that the girls share keeps their spirits up through it all. “Because we are so close, the long hours of rehearsals are fun because we are all together.” Watson expressed.

Advanced dance also has a similar bond “Dancing together makes the timing together, so we can feel off of each other.” Whitten says.

The team dynamic of all of the girls is something some cannot explain; all of the girls have been dancing for years and all have grown close through the hours of long practices and the multitude of their performances.

The show will be featuring two of its many dance classes; Moveo dance company and Advanced dance. Both groups will showcase a plethora of styles, ranging from contemporary dance to hip-hop. The Moveo dance company is well known around campus for its talented dancers and their out of the box dance routines, but the two groups differ because “Moveo dance company is more diverse in a way and is given more opportunities,” explained Watson.

Despite these differences, both groups work hard and flow together in harmony when on stage.

The fall concert is just a snippet of what the various dance programs have to offer, each program is different and provides its own uniqueness and style; both Moveo and the Advance dance show will take place at the end of November on the 29th and the 30th at 7 p.m in the auditorium.

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