Senior Assassins tips and tricks


One hundred sixty teams, one victor, the “Senior Assassins” tradition has the class of 2019 getting thirsty for the opportunity to claim ultimate bragging rights and this year’s hefty cash reward of $1,600.

To be able to participate in the game, the cost is $10 per team. There are a few rules that seniors have to follow for example school is always off limits 24/7, no waiting for after-school practices to snipe your victim, no drive-by, no roof camping, only using water guns no hoses and much more.

The way to win is simple, get the assigned targets out before you do. Here are some tips and tricks on how to survive:

  1. Stay Strapped: Make sure you have a water gun on you even if it’s just a squirt pistol and make sure it is fully loaded. You never know when your assassin is lurking behind you ready to pounce on their target.
  2. Watch out for Snakes: Keep your eyes on your friends that might sell you out for some quick cash, with that watch what you post on social media, your target might be stalking your pages to see what you’re doing or where you are.
  3. Roll it up:  When you are driving make sure to keep your windows up, even though drive-bys are illegal your opponent might be desperate and hop out of their car and get you by surprise.
  4. Communication is Key: Tell your parents what is happening, just think if you were a parent and you saw a car creep up to your house with its windows down they might think that it can be something really serious, not some seniors trying to get there daughter or son out. Just know that parents are not allowed!

We know the rules of the “Senior Assassins” now we need to know the best water guns to use. PERSONAL OPINION

  1. NERF Super soaker bottle blitz water gun

What this includes is one water gun and one 400ML bottle for around $15-$24. If you are trying

  1. NERF Super Soaker Floodinator

This package includes 1 super soaker with a range of 38 feet and a tank which holds 70 fluid ounces of water for only $15.

  1. NERF Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

This blaster has a max range of 45 feet and holds 680 ML of water in its tank for only $24. If you really want to be a try-hard and win the cash reward this is the water blaster for you!