Waving through the Decades


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Waves can be associated with a hand motion, and a water crash on the ocean floor, but they can also be associated with the waves of time. PHS Fashion department put on a fashion show on Friday April 6, showing different fashion eras. This show consisted of scrunches, corduroy jeans, polka-dot skirts, ripped jeans and much more. These students have been working on each design since the first semester of school, taking the design from an imagination to a full size outfit.

Senior Kennedi Fort was one of three students who coordinated the whole production. Fort is the Co-President of fashion club, the organization that produced and started the tradition of a fashion show on campus. Fort designed her line called “Bad Fein” and then directed another collection from fashion two called “Mod”. Both of the lines that Fort was involved in, showed great corresponding pieces, and well throughout production from the stitching on the shirts to the shoe laces. A piece of advice that Fort would like to inform students who are thinking about doing this in the future would be to start planning now, to start sketching and practice working with fabrics to ensure that your vision can be shown to the best of its ability.

No fashion show can be complete without the use of models. Junior Chloe Haymond, and Junior  Evelyn Nielsen were two of the models that walked in the full production. Not only did they show their mad modeling skills, they also modeled the clothing that they produced. Nielsen shares that “we created all of our designs and all the models are wearing their pieces.” The pieces designed were made by fashion two, three and four kids but fashion two kids had to model their own work and were allowed to upcycle one article of clothing, while students in fashion three and four designed and got there own models. For younger students who plan on participating in the fashion show next year, Haymond says to “not think about it too much, and to start designing now.” After not going through with the fashion show last year and starting this tradition with a high expectation for the future, the designers were excited to start getting involved with this production now.

Fashion teacher Arline Pryor describes the production as “fantastic, everyone exceeded my expectations and more, I did nothing for them besides direct them on to the right track but they did everything from tickets to cookies to finding models.” As the night came to an end Pryor was getting showered with compliments on how well and how creative the students designed these pieces.

Like every school production comes guidelines. For any future student that plans on or is considering designing a piece for the fashion show next year, Pryor would like to remind everyone to “be in dress code obviously and don’t make anything to provocative or risky.” All of the pieces presented captured the mood and overall theme of that era. The models portrayed and really captured the moment of the fashion show and of the fashion from that era.

Pryor would like all students to know that “you don’t have to be a great seamstress to participate in the fashion show, we can use all creative minds.” We can wave hello to a new tradition at PHS as this show just started a new era on campus.

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