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NCAA Football 13 review


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NCAA Football 13 an American football video game that was published by EA sports and developed by EA Tiburon. With college football fans chomping at the bit to get this game at the time, later it would reveal that “yes” it had mostly positive reviews but IGN entertainment gave the game a lower rating than the following NCAA 12 saying the game was just too similar.

Cover: The 2013 NCAA Football cover has 2011 and 1988 heisman winners Robert Griffin III and Barry Sanders. With great visual effects to the cover along with a nice finish with the Heisman trophy sitting perfectly on the bottom of the cover really was a nice touch.

Gameplay: Overall as a huge fan of college football the gameplay is done well but hopefully will have some additions made to the next version of NCAA football. Starting out with the fans. They are very generic with only few celebrations which is disappointing. I think EA should have added a few more to get the player more involved and hyped. Now with the gameplay the game is done very well with very few glitches. The game offers over 500 animations in juke moves, types of passes and tackles. But with so many different animations sometimes it affects the way you play and is a little too much.  To add off animations, the game is made very life like, in following games they had plays that weren’t realistic, that was very good for EA to fix up. NCAA added 2 new game modes in Road to Glory, where its your job as a highschool kid to get a scholarship to college and later trying to win the Heisman and one of the most appreciated new aspects to Dynasty mode is recruiting and being able to recruit players to your college program. With nice touches to studio updates and score alerts it really makes this game addicting. With just a couple of changes to this game it was good but now adding three new teams (UMASS,UTSA, Texas State) that adds more fans to the game which could take it to another level. NCAA football was done very well,with very few kinks. I think EA did a great job on this game and hopefully they will begin to make more in the years to come.

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NCAA Football 13 review