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Electing Homecoming Royalty


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Your mom, dad, siblings, or even that one goofy auntie could have been a homecoming King or Queen. It’s something that’s been around for a very long time. Ask your grandma or grandpa, I guarantee they have some stories to tell. First off, what is homecoming? Homecoming by definition is an instance of returning home. This means either a high school or college, can host a football game, dance or other event to which students and alumni are invited. Homecoming’s, mainly high schools, have the choice to select their royalty, a King and Queen. Homecoming is the basic tradition here in the U.S, it’s a time where people can come together to eat, play, dance, and enjoy their time and it usually occurs in late September or October. Having a homecoming court is also the usual tradition for this.

The Homecoming court are a representative group of students that, in a coeducational institution, consists of a King and Queen and possibly Prince’s and Princesses. This is what our Perry Pumas had. The seniors held the King and Queen title while the other grade levels held the Prince and Princess titles. Our students were responsible for voting who would become our Perry High School royalty.

During both A, B, and C lunch, is a voting booth inside the cafeteria. Student’s can vote either at the beginning or towards the end of lunch. This is inside the cafeteria because most of the students hangout in there. “Our booth catches a lot of attention luring students to participate and vote,” says StuGo student. Students are given a paper to fill out and select their choices. When the voting deadline has come, the student group who is in charge, (StuGo) will count how many votes each person got. Whoever gets the most votes, will be our Perry High School homecoming royalty.

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The student voice of Perry High School
Electing Homecoming Royalty