Falling in love with fall fashion

Arizona has reached fall which means that there are plenty of fashion trends being displayed on campus. If you don’t have the artsy fall and winter relationship displayed all over social media, you can look forward to the main positive aspect of the cool weather… fashion.

From knee socks, combat boots, and button down skirts to flannels, cardigans, and booties, there is an option for everyone this fall.

Senior Jackson Daniels is spot on when he defined the fall season as “the interlude period between winter and summer…it prepares you for the holidays.”

Many students on campus have varying styles and being exposed to a wide variety of new trends in current stores invites more individual expression to Perry.

Junior Rosemary Servin added, “My favorite style has been skirts with knee socks and I especially like plaid skirts, sweaters, and turtlenecks.”

Due to the popularity of plaid skirts and turtlenecks, the grunge 90’s styles are slowly making a comeback.

Jackson Daniels also agreed, saying that he likes “overalls, turtlenecks, and chic haircuts” because they are “really dissolving that barrier between women and men.”

It is difficult to always dress like you are coming straight out of a fall catalog, therefore, there are also options to tone it down yet still look festive.

If you are seeking one of the cozier styles this fall, Senior Heather Drexler recommended, “a flannel, some jeans, and a pair of combat boots.”

Students on campus have taken advantage of these striking trends by incorporating them into their wardrobe, adding not only an eye-catching color to the trees, but to our campus.