4th annual fashion show gives clothes a second chance

Kristen Pearson’s fashion class put on the fourth Annual Perry Fashnuion Show on Friday, Dec. 13.

Although the preparation work can be stressful, Pearson is, “feeling pretty good about the fashion show itself.”

Although the preparation work can be stressful, Pearson is, “feeling pretty good about the fashion show itself.”

This year’s theme is “Second Time Around.” Pearson has challenged her students to repurpose clothing from second hand stores into unique outfits. As fashion club president and third year fashion student, Juliet Johnson, puts it, “We are giving clothes a second chance.”

As usual, student-models will be displaying outfits from local retailers. This year’s outfits include male designs from Buffalo Exchange and female designs from Dolce Exchange and Plato’s Closet. All of these stores are second hand stores that fit in perfectly with this year’s theme.

In the past, the retailer’s displayed their clothing last, but this year the fashion students will show off their designs at the end of the show.

Fashion II students each have to design one garment and model it in the show, while, fashion III and IV students, have to create an entire collection of outfits. However their five-garment collection will be modeled by other students.

Within the “Second Time Around” theme, there are smaller categories of floral, denim, animal print, modern 50s, mixed prints, and grunge that the students will design for.

The show will be unlike any fashion show the audience has ever seen. Last year’s show took place on a runway in the auditorium, while this year’s will have a theme-incorporating scene set up on stage. The fashion club will also be selling repurposed clothing at this year’s show.

This year’s MCs are Origami Owl’s Bella Weems and Perry Primetime’s Gavin Witt, along with the models getting off the stage and into the crowd, will engage the people in attendance.

“We have all this different stuff that we’re trying out this year…we’re pretty excited to change it up,” Pearson says.

Johnson says the show will, “be a blast,” this year because the “really cool set and the entertaining music create an overall fun atmosphere.”