Nuemen is a company that started its life on campus. Mostly selling clothes, they make their stand as a new company. Advertising through videos, it is clearly conveyed they support action sports and plan for a big future.

“Nuemen was just an idea at first between us” Farnsworth said.

Created by Quinton Macdonald and soon joined by Adam Farnsworth, Nuemen started as a joke between them. The company was an idea but not taken seriously. Macdonald had different plans and took this idea and kick started the company. Something they talked about on the side became reality.

“Nuemen is a Burton style company,” Farnsworth explained.

Nuemen took a laid back style like Burton; manufacturing clothing. The company was born with their first shirt that included their logo and company name printed on it. 100 ideas were presented and out of the 100, ten were chosen to be released. With the first batch fifty shirts were made and sold for $10 each. The fall line of shirts is soon to be released with two new shirts and a hoodie.

“We find people who are already good at what they do” Farnsworth said.

Sponsorship is a big part in many businesses that support any kind of sports. Nuemen finds rising action sport stars to sponsor. Searching for these rookies, Farnsworth has started using social media and videos to advertise. Making high quality videos to show supported sports, they hope to find new inspirations to ask for sponsorship. Social media sites are used to spread awareness and advertise their products.

“We want people to see a hoodie and ask ‘Is that a Nuemen hoodie?’” Macdonald said.

The hoodie is a well know product but does not have a company incorporated with its name. With their outlook on the future they plan to incorporate other clothes into their hoodie line. Basically wanting to own the name, they plan to produce hoodies for their main product.

Running only a few months it has done well for a new company. With eyes towards a bright future Nuemen is planning to keep releasing new lines of clothing.