Private proms outshine school hosted ones

Privately hosted proms are exponentially better than those hosted by the school. They are considerably safe due to many precautions taken.

With Arizona’s COVID-19 cases on the decline, a question of whether or not there was going to be a prom remained up in the air. Unfortunately, the district came out with a statement saying that there would be no prom. In response, many took it upon themselves to host proms and to carry on this tradition. There are multiple dances being hosted throughout the valley and many opportunities have arisen for upperclassmen to get a prom experience . 

A huge concern that has emerged is whether or not these privately hosted proms are going to be safe. In terms of COVID-19, different events have come up with different solutions. Some of these amends include liability waivers, limited ticket availability and outdoor venues. 

One prom sent out a message with a liability waiver attached to it and entrance would be denied if the form was not completed. 

These liability waivers ask questions like: do you and your date assume all risks associated with COVID-19, do you understand that the use of drugs and/or alcohol, and do you understand that this prom is a private event, etc. 

Essentially the hosts wanted to ensure that everyone was aware of safety issues. This solution is not completely coronavirus safe, but they do warn everyone and encourage CDC guidelines such as mask wearing and social distancing.

Many of these proms have sold out and by keeping the ticket availability limited, the size of the event is controlled and the potential spread of the virus is limited. Prom hosts are also likely to check the guest’s temperatures to ensure that everyone is symptom free. 

With cheap admissions (tickets only costing from $30-50, compared to the school admissions which usually stand around $80), more and more people are able to go because the required amount of money is significantly lower. 

Some of the many venues being used are large backyards, barnyards and even empty parking lots. Due to the large outdoor spaces, free airflow allows for a safe environment that allows students to enjoy these dances without necessarily having to breathe someone else’s air.

While school held proms are extremely lively and the themes always stand unmatched, privately hosted proms are significantly better. These proms allow more people to go, are safer, and more regulated. 

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