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Perry Precedent Letter to the Editors

Darren Johnson, Guest Writer

May 23, 2013

This is in response to an editorial, published some time ago, that stated athletics is focused on too much at PHS, announcements are full of celebrations of athletic achievement, and teachers too often are referred to as “Coach.” I felt moved to respond. First, I am a teacher and a coach here...

College: smaller schools benefit with sense of community

Lani Dekker, Features Editor

May 22, 2013

High school is quickly coming to a close for seniors this year. The hustle and bustle of graduation, college scouting and finishing last minute applications has had some students thinking “where do I want to go?” When picking colleges, something one should keep in mind the size of the school. Many ...

Funding Tragic Events

Brianna Braunstein, Staff writer

May 22, 2013

No matter where tragic events happen, whether it be in Boston, Massachusetts, in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, or here in Arizona, Perry will be there to help. Students here do their best to donate and support the victims of the senseless acts these cities and states are victims of. The clubs at our school...

Teens feel pressure from siblings in school

Lani Dekker, Features Editor

May 22, 2013

Younger siblings typically feel like they have to measure up to their older siblings. Especially when it comes to graduating high school. Some teens feel like they have to have a better GPA, better extracurricular activities, and better acceptance letters. When it comes to my family, the pressure is almost ...

Libby’s El Rey Review

Sydney Redman, Staff Reporter

May 22, 2013

Globe Miami area is long known for their style of authentic mexican food. From the East end  of the town of Miami to the far west end of Globe is less than 20 miles. In that space there are a total of 10 restaurants; La Luz del Dia, Irenes, El Ranchito, Burger House/Casa de Renoso, El Rey, Guayos El ...

Eagles-The Studio Albums Review

Ciera Woodfin, Opinion Editor

May 22, 2013

As one of the most popular bands in the 70's, the Eagles have laid out hit after hit album through to the 80s. Now in 2013, each album was remastered and put on iTunes for those who are old and new to the band. From their first record entitled "Eagles" and ending with the "The Long Run", every mellow...

Transition from high school to college

Ciera Woodfin, Opinion Editor

May 22, 2013

The drastic change that will occur in the step from leaving high school and entering college can have some students feeling elated and prepared, while leaving others taken aback. There are several people in high school that have always been independent and ready to take on the next task at hand. But, wh...

Singing in the Rain Musical Review

Paige Coakley, Staff Writer

April 29, 2013

“Make em’ laugh. Make em’ laugh!” is the main theme of this year’s main production- Singing in the Rain. With all of the main characters jumping about, tapping their feet, and completing backflips and side rolls across the stage, I would say that Signing in the Rain was more than entertaini...

America’s drinking age: Keep it the same

Torrey Thompson, Staff Writer

April 22, 2013

Of course almost every student at this school would agree that the drinking age should be lowered to 18 years old, but when all the facts are laid out, it begins to be made clear as to why the legal age is 21. “Drunk driving automobile accidents are the #1 teen killer among people aged 15-20 years...

New ASU Sparky, yay or nay?

Roger Bennett, Staff Writer

April 18, 2013

The latest Sparky trend stirs controversy with Arizona State University fans and followers. The direct depiction was tossed due to an alleged campaign attempting to attract younger followers to sporting events. Sparky’s original concept derived from the Sun Devil logo’s content, resembling a more carto...

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