The Precedent

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Mysterious “D – Lunch” on the Horizon?

Brooke Karakey, Editor in Chief

March 19, 2012

As more and more students descend upon campus every year, classes expand, hallways crowd, and most notably, lunches have been amplified now serving more students than any year previous. Cafeteria Manager Judy Nelson says, “We feed around 1750 kids every day.” Catering to over half of the student...

College official resigns over false SAT scores

Michael Wolfe, Social Media Editor

March 3, 2012

In late January, a seniorn administrator at Claremont McKenna College was removed for allegedly reporting inaccurate SAT entrance exam scores. Richard C. Vos, whose name can no longer be found on the school’s web site, is accused of forging SAT scores dating as far back as 2005, according to The Wa...

Extra curricular breakdown

Michael Wolfe, Social Media Editor

February 2, 2012

More than 50% of the students on campus are involved in an extracurricular activity, whether it is a club or a sport. But how does that affect their performance in school? “The better structure and support a student gets at home, the more it will help the student,” said math teacher Misty Falkner. Ac...

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