The Precedent

  • October 29Football: Perry v. Casteel, October 30, 2020

“Block Day Barz” has positive impact on students

January 17, 2013

Among the restless population that inhabits our school, there has arisen a group of students that has discovered an outlet which allows a flow of creativity to be released, curing the everyday stress of...

Futuristic “Divergent” entertains and intrigues readers

January 17, 2013

Before I begin to paint my opinion on this book, I’ll preface it with something you should say to yourself before reading any book: "I can focus on how much this book ultimately sucks more than a Chanel...

Moffett showcases talent on ‘X Factor’

Freshman Addison Moffet warms up in Moveo practice. She recently had the opportunity to perform as a backup dancer on the television show ‘X Factor.’
January 15, 2013

Many people tune into the show ‘X Factor’ each week to see  all the unknown talent in our country but, most students are not aware that there is a familiar Puma face  behind the star performers. ‘X...

The Man with the Iron Fists Missed

November 18, 2012

Transporting viewers back into 90’s cult obsession with overdramatic karate movies, The Man with the Iron Fists can be summarized perfectly with only one simple phrase: “What just happened?” Directed,...

Mellow Mushroom too mellow?

November 15, 2012

If you were to ask me what it’s like to eat at Mellow Mushroom, I’d appropriately reply “Just groovy, man.” Located on the corner of Mill Ave. and Seventh Street in Tempe, Mellow Mushroom is a...

“Book of a Thousand Days” exceeds boundaries

November 15, 2012

Loosely based on an obscure Grimm fairy tale, Book of a Thousand Days rivals Grimm in terms of enchantment. Uniquely set in medieval Mongolia (and the author does her homework when it comes to cultural...

Novel-based movie “Life of Pi” captivates audience

Pi, right, and Richard Parker, left, are stranded on the lifeboat after the ship carry him and his family sinks.
November 15, 2012

When you think ‘Life of Pi’, it is most likely math that first swarms into your head. But with this wonderfully composed film, Life of Pi, it is far from math you are thinking of. The only scene in...

Paranormal Activity 4: The Frightening Story

October 23, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4 is none like the others, but they are all connected in a way. Each movie deals with the character Katie as the human host for the demon, but the differences between the movies are...

Freshman publishes first novel

September 15, 2012

For freshman Randi Ryan, her “dream job” is no longer a dream. She recently published her first novel in May, Cat’s Game. Cat’s Game was published through a self publishing company called CreateSpace. Ryan...

End of an era for tape sculptures

December 12, 2011

For some, tape sculptures are not only tradition, but are a part of them, a part they would hate to lose. But as time goes on, art teacher Sharon Biemond finds the task becoming more and more worrisome....

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