The Precedent

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Paranormal Activity 4: The Frightening Story

Sydney Redman, Staff Writer

October 23, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4 is none like the others, but they are all connected in a way. Each movie deals with the character Katie as the human host for the demon, but the differences between the movies are that they all have different plots and there is always something new.This horror movie works because...

Freshman publishes first novel

Amanda Lee

September 15, 2012

For freshman Randi Ryan, her “dream job” is no longer a dream. She recently published her first novel in May, Cat’s Game. Cat’s Game was published through a self publishing company called CreateSpace. Ryan created a cover and uploaded the over 300 page manuscript, which were sent to Amazon...

End of an era for tape sculptures

Michael Wolfe, Social Media Editor

December 12, 2011

For some, tape sculptures are not only tradition, but are a part of them, a part they would hate to lose. But as time goes on, art teacher Sharon Biemond finds the task becoming more and more worrisome. “It is questionable [whether or not the tape sculptures will be continued next year]. The project may...

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