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Victim blaming around sexual assault must stop

Sam Nabaty, Online Editor

May 24, 2017

Public education is meant to give students an all-encompassing education and prepare them for the rest of their lives but what will they have missed? What topic do we lack an understanding of to the point where it has become a culture? What valuable life lesson is not prioritized? Sexual assault: those...

Lack of education on sexual assault and harassment

infographic by Sarah Lankford

Lauren Neilsen and Sarah Lankford

April 27, 2017

Every 98 seconds someone experiences sexual assault, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. Out of only 47 anonymous students polled, eight claimed they were a victim of sexual assault or harassment on campus. However, only three cases have been reported school-wide this year. This...

Sexual assault: lost in education

Sarah Campbell, Double Truck Editor

April 26, 2017

STEM Program limits students passions

STEM Program limits students passions

March 28, 2017

As I completed my registration for freshman year, it did not occur to me that the short page-and-a-half application for a relatively new program would heavily shape the course of the next four academic years. Now five years after its conception, the STEM Program is presented as a means for students ...

Push for AP is factor in increased test numbers contributing extra funding

Sarah Lankford and Kylie Vacala

March 10, 2017

Advanced Placement testing is an opportunity for students to test their knowledge at the end of the year and receive college credit. While these AP tests are beneficial for a student's academic success, they also become factors in bettering the environment of the campus as this opportunity for college...

The Image Game

Sarah Campbell, Double Truck Editor

March 10, 2017

Students travel to Washington D.C. for inauguration

Sam Nabaty, Madi Kimball, Online Editor, Staff Reporter

February 6, 2017

Every day, students across the country crack open a textbook and attempt to understand American government and politics. However, often times it is hard to really grasp the concept without seeing it for yourself. Several juniors and seniors recently traveled to attend the Presidential inauguration ...

A students look at the inauguration

Sarah Campbell, Double Truck Editor

February 6, 2017

College planning through high school

Valerie Burgess and Ethan Thai

December 16, 2016

Throughout high school, the looming pressure to prepare for college is ever present. Classes, grades, class rank, and standardized testing scores are all factors which comprise the college application process. Beginning freshman year, the stress associated with high school to create the optimal portfoli...

Sleep deprivation and stress on the rise in education

Sarah Campbell and Sam Nabaty

December 16, 2016

Intelligence, opportunities, knowledge: all byproducts of getting an education. However, these things often come with a cost of stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation. Whether it be to get accepted into a specific college or pressure from parents, several students are struggling in an attempt to balan...

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